• Instant Credits
  • 256bit SSL Secure Encryption
  • Advance Fraud Protection (AFR)
  • Easy Tracking
  • Multiple Payment Methods


We provide one of its kind promotional solution for Audio-Onik Entertainment website and businesses, who sell there product virtually over internet and prevent customers from fraud with our fraud mangement system.


buyer can track orders and status

Digital Goods

Use EGV for digital Goods and services such as music, apps, books and more without any worry on Audio-Onik Entertainment Websites.

Integrated System

Your customer can fetch his account from website and securely buy funds to be used on website (Funds Cannot be withdrawl or used on other websites).

Strict Anti-Fraud Policy

In case of fraud attempt or un-authorized transaction on any partner. Buyer will be blocked from all services.

How It Works?

AOE voucher System Is simple. And Work Just like any-other coupon, Customer Needs to have account of website. Customer can add funds or buyer voucher Once he/she fetched The Name, Email (And Current Balance in some case). After Verification Funds will be allocated to customer on their wallet or in terms of voucher for website.

  • Select Seller
  • Fetch Your Account Details And Current Balance
  • Enter Funds To Be Added Or Purchase
  • Select Payment Method
  • Validate The Purchase You Made
  • Continue Your Shopping With seller

Please Note: As Our We Are Selling Digital Goods, Each site have Seperate Return/Refund Policy And If eligible You might get refund in terms of Voucher/wallet only.

You will not get any refund/return for the credits you purchased from us for any of our website for more info please read our Return Policy Any attempt to fraud/un-authorised chargeback will be taken seriously and will result in permanent ban. If you have any issue with purchase you made with website contact support directly and get it resolved. Your can report us your problem at [email protected]

Advance Fraud Protection

Advance Fraud Protection(AFR), Is a technology developed by us that ensures that only authorized buyer shall be able to complete purchase. And minimize transaction risk for both buyers and us.

All AFR have many security features some of them are listed below

  • Customer Ip/Proxy validation
  • Customer Country validation
  • Customer Mail/Order Validation
  • Customer Ip/Mail Blocking
  • Pattern Blocking
  • Country Blocking

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Fill up the contact form. Our team will revert to your query with next 36-48hrs except holidays.

All the disputes and errors shall be resolved within 3-5 working days

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AOE Voucher System Is A Verification Method Opted By Audio-Onik Entertainment For Secure And Safe Payment Environment, We had opted this payment structure to provide safety and security to our customers and to prevent un-authorized transaction hence improving shopping experience for our customers

This service is not available for other sellers and is limited to be used by Websites owned by AUDIO-ONIK Entertainment.

Each Of Our Website Have different Payment Structure And Respective Payment Page Is Specifically Made For Our Site's Payment Collection Only

Voucher You Get For One Website Cannot be used on other website even if it is owned by us

  • Customer Cannot Withdraw Funds Or Credits
  • Credits Can Only Be Redeemed At Website Credits Purchased For.
  • Once Payment Code Is Created It Cannot Be Refilled
  • You will not get any interest or other financial benifits
  • Transaction Is Captured in USD Only