Definition: Our Product/Service can be defined as promotional voucher code or credits for our websites in terms of vouchers, gift cards and wallet credits.

Usage: Credits/Promo codes can be used by customer on our websites only to purchase service/product from our websites.

Charges/Fees: Credits Bears An Additional Handling Fee To Compensate Transaction Charges From Various Payment Methods.


DELIVERY METHOD CREDITS: Credits Will Be Delivered In Terms Of Credits In User Fetched Wallet On Website.

DELIVERY METHOD VOUCHERS: Vouchers/Promo codes Will Be Delivered To Customer Email Address In Case Of PayPal Payment Code Will Be Delivered To PayPal Email Address Only.

DELIVERY TIME: Both Credits And Vouchers Are Subjected To Customer Authentication Via Verification Mail And Can Upto 10-15 Mins In fulfillment Of Order.

Authentication And Verification

User Verficiation: Buyer Is Asked To Fetch His/Her Account On Website Before Ordering.

Product Verification: Buyer Is Provided With Detailed Description Of Product And Service Along With Policies Prior To Placing An Order.

Charges Verification: Buyer Is Informed That He/She May Needs To Bear Additional Transaction Charges Before Placing An Order.

Authentication: Buyer Will Be Asked To Go Through Authentication Process And Have To Verify Purchase Details Before Delivery Of Product/Service. Read More at Terms & Conditions

Return And Refund Policy

Return Duration: Buyer can request return or refund within 7 days of purchase.

Return/Refund Conditions: Return Can Only Be Processed In Following Conditions

  • Error In Transaction - Need 12 hrs to investigate before accepting return.
  • Non-Delivery Due To Timeout/Website Down/Other Technical Issues.
  • Return Request Before Clicking Acknowledgement Link.
  • In Case Of Unused Duplicate Transactions.
  • Mismatched Transaction Amount(Except Handling Charges).

Refund Process Time: Return/Refund Shall be Processed within 48hrs on working days (Except Public Holidays & Weekends).

Return Item: In case of voucher and credits is delivered customer needs to return them in unused condition before we can process return from our end.

Return Charges: Some Payment Gateways May Deduct Transaction Charges On Return/Refund Which will not be compensated from our end.

Parental And Access Control

Consent: Parents/Adults Who Provide Their Payment Instrument Will Solely Be Responsible For Any Transaction Made With Their Instrument (Cards/wallet/paypal etc).

Access Control: We Only Send Verification/Authentication Mail To Buyer's PayPal Or Other Registered Email With Complete Purchase Info And Process Order Only If you validate your transaction.

Under Age User: We are not selling any goods which are meant for specific age group and our goods can be used by any customer of any age group.

Fraud And Chargeback Policy

Fraud Attempt: Authorities Will Be Provided With Buyer Info To Reduce Online Frauds.

Access Control: Buyer will be banned immediately as soon as chargeback is opened by him.

Tracking: Buyer Transaction Info And Other Info Will Be Provided To Payment Gateway & Banks (refer to privacy policy)

Un-Authorized Chargeback: Buyer Will Be Blacklisted From Community And Shall Not Be Able To Buy Anything From Us And Our Channel Partners (Payment Methods).

Dispute: In case of dispute, We help buyer in fixing any issue he/she had in using our product/services.